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    Developing Arm Strength For Baseball

    Friday, October 20, 2017

    Just as Major Leaguers can hurt their arm during spring training, young players of all ages also risk injury as they begin throwing regimens in the spring. Whether you’re a pitcher, catcher, infielder or outfielder, “The Seven Ball Drill” below is a great way to increase your arm strength and prepare for the many throws you will make during the season.

    Arm Strength Drill for Baseball Players

    1. Stand shoulder width apart, with throwing arm placed upwards at a 90-degree angle. While holding elbow with glove, throw ball to partner using just the wrist.

    2. Sit with legs spread and arm in same position as exercise above. This time use the area from the elbow up to throw ball to partner.

    3. Remain sitting and throw the baseball by rotating hips and turning upper torso. (Focusing on follow- through is not necessary.) Use the glove arm or elbow to direct throw.

    4. Go to one knee. Throw ball by rotating hips and turning upper torso, as in above exercise. This time emphasize follow- through across the raised knee.

    5. Stand with glove arm closest to partner, and feet shoulder- width apart. Repeat the above steps, concentrating on follow- through. This time throw without moving your feet.

    6. Use all the steps above, this time add a crow hop and throw ball to partner.

    7. Long toss is the last step. Stand approximately 10 feet apart and toss the ball to partner as quickly as you can for one minute. You can even keep track of the number of catches to turn this into a competition. Emphasize a quick release and concentrate on the ball entering and leaving the glove.

    Note: For infielders, you can turn Step 7 into a quick toss by reducing the distance.

    By performing this drill in sequence, players will find it easier to make all the necessary throws in a game, as well as keep their arm healthy throughout an entire season…Repetition is key!!!

    Establishing the correct throwing form is necessary to see results and prevent injury.

    Contact us to enroll in private instruction with our qualified coaches! Beginner or advanced players will work one-on-one with their instructor to improve their skills and development. Lesson duration is by half hour or full hour.

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